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Millora el teu anglès i el teu valencià al cine i al teatre

by a 22 Novembre 2010


“How About You”, an Irish film by Anthony Byrne (in English with subtitles in Catalan)

Based on a short story by Maeve Binchy, it tells the story of a young woman named Ellie who is left in charge of the residential home run by her older sister, during Christmas period. Most of the residents have gone with their families during the holidays, but four residents, known as the hardcore, remain. Their behavior will cause lots of trouble and will lead to the residence facing closure.

Wednesday 24th of November, 20:00
Centre Cultural Tívoli, Burjassot, C/ Josep Carsí, 50
Metro: Línia 1. Estacions de Burjassot i Burjassot-Godella

Entrada gratuïta amb carnet de la Universitat de València (+ 1 acompanyant). Entrada reduïda per al públic en general.

Les entrades es recolliran a la taquilla del Centre Cultural Tívoli de Burjassot una hora abans de la projecció. Capacitat limitada.

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